Sunday 27 July 2008

Taiwan Barbet- New Endemic for Taiwan

Taiwan Barbet (Megalaima nuchalis)

Some good news for Taiwan. The endemic subspecies of Black-browed Barbet (aka Muller's Barbet or Five Color Bird in Chinese) Megalaima oorti nuchalis has been proposed as a full Taiwan endemic, Taiwan Barbet Megalaima nuchalis, in a paper titled Molecular systematics and historical biogeography of the Black-browed Barbet species complex (Megalaima oorti) by Julie Feinstein, Xiaojun Yang, and Shou-hsien Li published in the well known Ibis Journal (Ibis-2007, doi: 10.1111/j.1474-919x.2007.00732.x) of the British Ornithologists’ Union. This is good for Taiwan birding and another reason to protect the Huben-Hushan area. The Taiwan Barbet is pretty common in the Huben forests and its delightful call is heard continuously as a background accompaniment to any walk through the Huben forests.
Mark Wilkie

The Taiwan Barbet has been included Gill & Wright, IOC World Bird List and listed as a full species by BirdLife International.

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