Saturday 26 July 2008


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Taiwan was called "Ilha Formosa" or "Beautiful Island" by early Portuguese sailors. Taiwan is indeed an island of amazing beauty. Taiwan (32,260 sq km) straddles the Tropic of Cancer and is situated along the Pacific rim about 160 km off the coast of southern China. The highest mountains in East Asia are found on Taiwan. From tropical lowlands climbing upward to over a hundred mountain peaks higher than 3000m (Highest: Yushan 3952m), Taiwan showcase’s the entire range of climatic zones from tropical to subarctic. Nowhere else in Asia can one find all this in so small an area. With such dramatic landscapes, Taiwan hosts one of the highest levels of biodiversity on the planet. Indeed, the total numbers of flora and fauna species found on Taiwan, with its relatively small land area, are astounding (Taiwan boasts over 46,360 described species of flora and fauna.). More than 530 bird species have been recorded in Taiwan. Amongst these, 23 are full endemic species and found nowhere else. More than sixty endemic subspecies can be found on Taiwan with the likelihood of about 5-10 of these subspecies being raised to full endemic status sometime within the near future. Apart from Taiwan's endemics, a number of other rare species migrate to Taiwan. The most famous of these are the Black-faced Spoonbill (winter)and the Fairy Pitta (summer). Also, the spectacular fall raptor migration needs mention, when up to fifty thousand raptors pass through the southern tip of Taiwan in a single day.

Taiwan Map C copyright free from Wikimedia Commons.

Taiwan Map B copyright free from Wikimedia Commons.

Taiwan Map C copyright free from Wikimedia Commons.

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